Impressive Growth Prompts New Hires at Miami-Based Endeavor Schools

MIAMI, FL — After acquiring several new schools across the US in 2016, Endeavor Schools, a Miami-based leader in education management, announced the addition of Mabel Perez and Christine Perez as accountants for its rapidly expanding portfolio. Mabel and Christine, hired in September and October respectively, are responsible for ensuring the processing and reporting of finances for all of Endeavor’s schools located in a growing number of markets throughout the country.

Prior to her start at Endeavor Schools, Mabel was a bookkeeper for several companies at Travieso & Alvarez Tax & Financial Services Inc., also assisting the CPA in tax preparation. For five years prior to working for Travieso & Alvarez, Mabel served as an accountant for the Economic Direction of the University of Havana, Cuba, expanding her knowledge by attending accounting courses in the evenings.

“We are thrilled to welcome both Mabel and Christine to our dynamic finance team,” said Bob Cirulnick, Chief Financial Officer for Endeavor Schools. “We are experiencing exponential growth with the acquisition of new partner schools throughout the US. I am confident their pigulki erekcyjne financial expertise, customer focus and enthusiasm for our mission will contribute greatly to the success of our team and the schools we support.”

“Endeavor Schools provides a great environment where I can learn and grow both personally and professionally,” Mabel said. “I have the pleasure of being part of an amazing and talented team that have become like family to me,” she continued. “Working with the purpose of helping and supporting schools to reach their goals is the most rewarding part of my job.”

Christine earned a bachelor’s degree from the University of Florida, where she graduated Cum Laude. While attending the university, Christine discovered a passion for helping children through volunteering at the Baby Gator Child Development and Research Center, offering children the tools needed to promote cognitive and social development. Before her time at Baby Gator, Christine volunteered with a nonprofit organization called The Possible Dream Foundation, founded by her childhood pediatrician Dr. Michael Geraldi. The foundation provides a caring and loving home to abandoned children with special needs.

“One of my favorite parts about working at Endeavor Schools is knowing I am surrounded by incredibly intelligent and humble people who work so hard to help others,” Christine said. “We recognize that the children we serve are the future; thus, every single person at Endeavor brings something to the table that ensures these children are given the best opportunities to grow,” she continued. “It is a beautiful thing to see so many different people, working in vastly different departments, come together to create the best possible environment for growing minds. I am so grateful for the opportunity to nurture and support the talents of others who simultaneously nurture and support my own.”

About Endeavor Schools
Endeavor Schools is a leading education management company with a family of unique, well-established private schools that serve as pillars to their respective communities in a growing number of markets across the US. Each school subscribes to proven, research-based curricula that is delivered by seasoned educators, and is encouraged to embrace their own uniqueness and tradition. Endeavor Schools supports each school’s academic excellence by providing the necessary tools and resources required.

Founded in 2012, Endeavor Schools is headquartered in Miami, Florida.
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