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Interview with Rebecca Rolland, Author of ‘The Art of Talking with Children’

Talking is one of the most important ways that children learn language and social cues, but how often are parents having real, meaningful conversations with their children? In her new book, The Art of Talking with Children: The Simple Keys to Nurturing Kindness, Creativity, and Confidence in Kids, author Rebecca Rolland explains the power that […]

Endeavor Schools Begins Webinar Series for Parents Hosted by Dr. Amy Brereton

Endeavor Schools held its first live webinar for parents this month with a presentation on how parents can use positivity to improve their child’s behavior. The webinar was presented by Dr. Amy Brereton, the Executive Vice President of Academics at Endeavor Schools, and was the first in what will be an ongoing webinar series for […]

Interview with Julie Bogart, Author of ‘Raising Critical Thinkers: A Parent’s Guide to Growing Wise Kids in the Digital Age’

Critical thinking is one of the most important tools that children develop during their formative years. From analyzing information to understand new concepts in school to weighing potential consequences during decision-making, one’s critical-thinking skills can have a tremendous impact on their lives. In the new book, Raising Critical Thinkers: A Parent’s Guide to Growing Wise […]

New Research Proves What Montessorians Have Long Known: Finger-Tracing Helps Children Learn

  For more than 100 years, finger-tracing has been used by Montessorians to help children learn geometry and language. Ask a Montessorian about finger-tracing, and they might even quote Dr. Maria Montessori, who wrote in her seminal book, The Absorbent Mind: “He does it with his hands, by experience, first in play and then through […]

Making Learning Exciting: How Project-Based Learning Helps Children Excel

Project-based learning (PBL) is growing in popularity around the world, including in the United States.  Through engaging projects, students interact with their subject material while collaborating with their peers to better understand their subjects. Many of our schools, including The Endeavor School in Miami, utilize this method because it can make learning a more meaningful […]

Montessori Education in Childhood Can Lead to Happier Adulthood, Study Finds

A new study published in Frontiers of Psychology found that adults who attended Montessori schools as children experienced higher personal well-being levels than those who attended conventional schools. The study, led by the University of Virginia’s Dr. Angeline Lillard, who has researched the impact of Montessori education, tested the hypothesis that a Montessori education can […]

Endeavor Schools Adds 19 New Schools During 2021

Endeavor Schools is ending a successful year on a high note with the announcement of four new school acquisitions. The fast-growing education management company has acquired four preschools in the Marietta, Georgia area, which will now be part of the Parker-Chase Preschool family, one of Endeavor Schools’ most well-known brands. The newest Parker-Chase Preschools will […]