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Montessori Children’s House of Denver

Mayfair Campus

Established in 1991, our Mayfair campus stands as the cornerstone of Montessori Children’s House of Denver, nestled in the historic Mayfair neighborhood.

This campus seamlessly blends the charm of a century-old brick farmhouse with the tranquility of Montessori learning environments. It’s a sanctuary of calm classrooms, inviting covered porches, lush gardens, and a vast playground that doubles as an outdoor classroom during the warmer months. Specializing in toddler and primary education, Mayfair is equipped with a full suite of Montessori materials, igniting a passion for learning in every child.

We prioritize individualized attention with our 1:5 toddler-to-teacher and 1:10 primary student-to-teacher ratios, ensuring a tailored educational journey for every student.

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1467 Birch Street, Denver, CO 80220


(303) 322-8324