Amanda Turney

School Leader
Kinderhouse Montessori School

A California Native, Ms. Turney loves all the many different aspects this great state has to offer. She was born in the Central Valley where the Giant Sequoia trees were her backyard and where the fruit was never ending. As a little girl, Ms. Turney knew in her heart that educating children was her purpose in life. She first learned of the Montessori philosophy after graduating from high school in search of a job. She became an Assistant teacher at a local Montessori school in her hometown. A few years later she went off to school where she was trained and certified as an AMS Infant Toddler Head Guide. Ms. Turney spent 5 wonderful years in her own classroom teaching and educating Toddlers.

Relocating to San Diego brought new adventures to her and her husband. She has returned to school to complete her Associate’s in Child Development and will then work towards her BA in Child Development as well. Joining the Kinderhouse Montessori family has been a blessing. Being around peers, children, and parents who have the same love and commitment for educating children in the Montessori Philosophy has been rewarding. Ms. Turney embraces and works toward creating an independent whole child as Maria Montessori did.

Ms. Turney enjoys trying local restaurants with her husband and exploring the great San Diego areas.