Endeavor Incorporates Step by Step Montessori Schools in Minnesota

MIAMI, FL — Endeavor Schools recently added Step By Step Montessori Schools in Minneapolis, Minnesota to its existing impressive network of Montessori schools across the country.  Step By Step Montessori is a private school with eight locations throughout the western suburbs of Minneapolis, and has been offering exemplary programs for children aged 6 weeks to 8 years old throughout the greater Minneapolis area since 1991.

Endeavor Schools is looking forward to continuing the longstanding and fruitful tradition of excellence at Step by Step Montessori. “We’re thrilled to have Step By Step’s eight fantastic schools as part of our Endeavor family,” said Ricardo Campo, President of Endeavor Schools. “For over 25 years, this Montessori school family has been serving the youth of Minneapolis with a remarkable education program.”

Endeavor Schools partners with well-founded educational establishments like Step By Step to encourage and empower educators to operate the best possible schools in the country. By providing them with tools, leadership, guidance and support, Endeavor Schools creates a positive experience for each of their schools, in order to make a lasting impact on communities.

The integration of Step By Step Montessori into Endeavor’s growing family has been a seamless process. “Throughout the transition, I knew that Step by Step could partner well with Endeavor Schools,” said Mike Minor, Executive Vice President of the Midwest Region. “I gladly took the opportunity to stay on board, and have really come to enjoy my partnership with Endeavor. Working with everyone on the Endeavor team has been a true pleasure, and I’m looking forward to many years of serving the Minneapolis community as part of the Endeavor family.”

Home to infant, toddler and primary classrooms, Step By Step Montessori Schools offer a variety of programs, both full-time and part-time, including before and after school care. The carefully planned environment in each classroom includes the use of Montessori materials that allow children to explore practical life, sensory perception, reading and writing abilities, mathematical skills, geographical areas, and elements of botany and zoology. In order to provide a well-rounded curriculum and develop the whole child, Step by Step offers enrichment programs in music, foreign language, swimming, technology and dance.

Accredited by the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC) and with Montessori certified teachers on staff, Step By Step offers a challenging Montessori curriculum meant to stimulate a child’s growth and progress.  Unlike traditional school methods which focus on teaching a standard curriculum to all children in a teacher-led environment, Step By Step’s Montessori Method encourages creative thinking and problem solving while building high self-confidence and self-esteem. This unique curriculum and learning philosophy aligns perfectly with Endeavor’s vision to transform the lives of those they serve.

“I look forward to continuing the great work started at Step By Step, growing our presence in the Twin Cities market and beyond, and continuing to run the highest possible quality Montessori programs available,” said Minor, who started his journey in Montessori at the age of three when his mother, Rose Minor, took a job at one of the schools to be able to afford the tuition for her son. Mrs. Rose Minor acquired Step by Step in 1991 when it was only a cluster of four schools and over the years added four more locations. Mrs. Minor remains busy at work to this day but will soon be retiring after wholeheartedly serving the Montessori community for 45 years.

“I look forward to continuing to work with our great group of teaching professionals as well as developing that next generation of teachers,” Mike said. “And finally continuing to come to work every day and see those smiling happy faces of the children in our centers. They are truly the most rewarding part of what we do.”

About Endeavor Schools

Endeavor Schools is a leading education management company with a family of unique, well-established private schools that serve as pillars to their respective communities in a growing number of markets across the US.  Each school subscribes to proven, research-based curricula that is delivered by seasoned educators, and is encouraged to embrace their own uniqueness and tradition.  Endeavor Schools supports each school’s academic excellence by providing the necessary tools and resources required.

Founded in 2012, Endeavor Schools is headquartered in Miami, Florida. For more information, visit www.endeavorschools.com and follow the company on LinkedIn.