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LEAPS of Excellence

In our partnership with the best educators and school operators in the country, our goal is to provide strong leadership which inspires each school to achieve their highest potential. At Endeavor, this begins with our LEAPS approach. In defining a clear vision of success, setting challenging objectives, and working with our schools to provide superior resources and professional development, we establish a team that is unified and accountable for delivering exceptional education.

To help communicate our vision and align priorities throughout our organization, we have established our LEAPS of Excellence. These standards were designed to set world-class objectives, metrics, and goals which help each of our schools advance by LEAPS and bounds:

Learning Environment – Creating inspiring indoor and outdoor learning environments that communicate a sense of belonging for each child while inviting exploration, collaboration and inquiry.

Academics – Driving outstanding, measurable results and proven academic achievement by utilizing research-based teaching practices that are rooted in relationships and harness children’s natural desire to learn by tapping into their interests.

People – Acquiring and developing a team of highly-qualified, educated, experienced, motivated and connected educators and professionals.

Security – Employing rigorous safety requirements, comprehensive emergency plans and training by former Secret Service agents to ensure the protection and highest-quality standards of security and safety are met and continuously monitored at each of our schools.

Our LEAPS of Excellence provide the focus and guidance necessary to achieve extraordinary results in all that we do. Together, we are a family of schools committed to helping each of our students, educators, team members and communities leap toward an exceptional future.