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Principles & Core Values

At Endeavor Schools, we have a clear mission: fostering an environment where both students and educators flourish. Our collaborative team is committed to ensuring the success of each person. To attain this aim, we embrace our core values: Respect, Ownership, Humility and Growth. These values serve as the pillars of our mission and guide our actions and decisions.


Academic Excellence

Our paramount objective is to deliver exceptional education. We strive for excellence by partnering with the best educators and school operators in the country. Our schools are either accredited by top organizations or adhere to the highest rankings of their state’s rating system. Our schools subscribe to research-based educational models such as Montessori, Reggio-Emilia, Creative Curriculum, and more. Our experienced and highly-qualified educators are well-trained and amply prepared to guide our students toward realizing their full academic potential.

Safe & Attractive Learning Environments

We employ rigorous safety requirements and train our staff to make student safety their primary concern. Our facilities undergo thorough inspections to ensure the highest quality standards are met. Our properties are continuously monitored to keep them safe and well-maintained. This allows us to foster an environment where education is the number one priority in every classroom. Our secure campuses are managed by state-qualified professionals that are responsible for providing the ideal setting of academic enrichment, strongly encouraging students to “endeavor” to their full potential.

Personal Enrichment & Development

We strive to offer our students a whole-life experience that goes beyond the classroom. Our schools offer compelling extracurricular activities that are both challenging and fun, and ample opportunities for students to develop their talents outside of the classroom. It is our belief that a quality education encompasses a broad spectrum of opportunities across multiple platforms.

Community Inspired

A school’s success is driven by its ability to earn the embrace of its community. It takes a special kind of school to cement its standing in the community and evoke the trust necessary to become a true partner in educating its youth. It is an integral part of our mission to bring communities together by providing them with the environment and tools necessary to improve their lives via excellence in education.

Sound Leadership

Top schools require strong leadership that can inspire their educators and students to perform at their highest levels. We support our school leaders by giving them the resources and professional development they require to be the best at their specific roles.