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Endeavor Schools Expands in Atlanta with Two New Schools

Endeavor Schools, a leading education management company, is proud to announce the opening of two schools in the Atlanta area: Endeavor Montessori at Dunwoody and Atlanta Montessori International School at Druid Hills.

Endeavor Montessori serves children between 6 weeks and 6th grade with a modernized and holistic approach to Montessori by integrating the celebrated educational philosophy with a curated movement program, outdoor learning and an age-appropriate, STEM-based curriculum. Digital tools are kept to a minimum for children under 5 and primary school students explore technology-focused subjects, such as coding and robotics, to gain a deeper understanding of how the machines around us work.

Students at Endeavor Montessori also benefit from its Global Languages program, which exposes them to at least two foreign languages. Spanish is required and students have the option of learning Mandarin, Hindi, or Portuguese. The school’s staff includes teachers who are native speakers in all languages offered and some classes are taught entirely in the foreign language for an immersive educational experience.

“Our goal is to provide an education that prepares children for the complexity of the world, while also showing them how beautiful and interesting that complexity can be,” said Endeavor Schools CEO Ricardo Campo. “Endeavor Montessori will provide an education that enables children to adapt to change and embrace new challenges with a growth mindset.”

Endeavor Schools is also excited to announce the grand opening of Atlanta Montessori International School in Druid Hills. After acquiring AMIS Cliff Valley in 2014, Endeavor has expanded the well-known and respected school by opening a new location in the Lowenstein House, a historic, renovated mansion on South Ponce De Leon Avenue.

AMIS Druid Hills continues the success of AMIS Cliff Valley with a talented and experienced staff that is highly trained in the Montessori curriculum. The school provides a Young Children’s Community for children between the ages of 8 weeks and 36 months, as well as a high-quality primary education program for children between the ages of 3 years and 6 years.

“Atlanta Montessori International School has a wonderful history and we were presented with an exceptional opportunity to add a sister school in a beautiful location,” said Danielle Millman, the COO of Endeavor Schools. “We know students at Druid Hills will receive an amazing foundation that will not only enrich their lives but also prepare them to be successful world citizens in the future.”

Endeavor Montessori and AMIS Druid Hills are both currently open and accepting for enrollment, and parents are welcome to take a tour of the new campuses.

For more information about Endeavor Montessori, visit www.endeavormontessori.com or call 770-637-4644.

For more information about AMIS Druid Hills, visit www.amischool.com or call (404) 500-0501.

About Endeavor Schools

Endeavor Schools is a leading education management company with a family of unique, well-established private schools that serve as pillars to their respective communities in a growing number of markets across the US. Each school subscribes to proven, research-based curricula that is delivered by seasoned educators, and is encouraged to embrace their own uniqueness and tradition. Endeavor Schools supports academic excellence by providing robust tools and resources to help each school thrive.

Founded in 2012, Endeavor Schools is headquartered in Miami, Florida. For more information, visit http://www.endeavorschools.com and follow the company on LinkedIn