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Our Approach

Creating a Better Future

Every time we add a new school to our family, we focus our efforts on growing the school into the best version of itself. We do this by ensuring that the School Leaders, teachers, and staff are engaged in the many initiatives and benefits that Endeavor has to offer. At Endeavor Schools, we provide opportunities for professional development through our scholarship program and encourage our new team members to lead a healthy and active lifestyle through our Health & Wellness Program.

We believe in celebrating and praising our team members who embody our core values with the Rising Star Recognition Program and we motivate school representatives to unleash their creativity by planning fun and exciting events/goodies as part of our Culture Club program. We also sponsor a Hardship Fund to assist our employees during unforeseen circumstances.

Maintaining a Longtime Legacy

Although we commit to improving all of our schools to the best of our abilities, we still hone in on maintaining the hard-earned legacy of each individual school. We aim to be non-disruptive to the schools’ established systems as we provide them with assistance, benefits, and guidance. We know that each school is unique. So, we focus on preserving that uniqueness as we help the school grow and reach a higher potential.