Student Showcase - Jnana Kaapuraala

Jnana Kaapuraala

School: Prep Academy Schools, Dublin

Student: Jnana Kaapuraala

Teacher: Miss Elizabeth

Grade: 1st

Subject: Art

Description: Thankful

Student Showcase - Zoe Morgan

Zoe Morgan


Student: Zoe Morgan

Teacher: Ms. Denobrega

Grade: 2nd

Subject: Science

Description: I learned about flight by building a rocket launcher and two kites.

Student Showcase - Wade and Colin Sanders

Wade and Colin Sanders

School: Atlanta Montessori International School

Student: Wade and Colin Sanders

Teacher: Ms. Nathalie for Wade and Ms. Lisa for Colin

Grade: 2nd

Subject: Writing/Literacy

Description: Emory had a contest to write a book to help other children dealing with all the changes from coronavirus. We didn’t win, but this is our book. Colin is a second year (lower elementary, Nova Seekers, Ms. Lisa) and Wade is a sixth year (upper elementary, Peace Travelers, Ms. Nathalie). Ms. Lisa and Ms. Nathalie let us share the book with our friends on Google Classroom, and we read it to Colin’s class on Zoom.

Cole Casatelli

School: Montessori Academy at Sharon Springs

Student: Cole Casatelli

Teacher: Uma Narayan and Gretchen Cox

Grade: 5th

Subject: Sport

Description: Brazilian jiu-jitsu (BJJ). My name is Cole Casatelli and I have been studying BJJ for over two years. I really like BJJ because it has given me the confidence to stand up for myself in many situations. It is a gentle art that doesn’t require you to hurt your opponent to gain control of the situation. My partner in this video is my younger sister who also studies BJJ. I chose to share this martial art because it involves exercise and in quarantine people have been less active. I hope this proves that you don’t need a gym to be active, you can do it at home with a partner.

Arya Muneeb

School: Montessori at Vickery

Student: Arya Muneeb

Teacher: Terri Sadowski

Grade: Kindergarten

Subject: Short Funny Video

Description: Made a short video of thinking of being left home alone during the corona virus lock down. Arya makes a lot of fun videos on her youtube channel / instagram profile and made this video specifically for this competition.

Student Showcase - Arevik Collins

Arevik Collins

School: Montessori Academy of Cincinnati

Student: Arevik Collins

Teacher: Beth and Claire

Grade: 1st

Subject: Writing

Description: Writing letters to friends and family. At the beginning of the break, I started writing letters to my family members that are not nearby. Then, I wrote my teachers. Next, I added friends and classmates to my letter writing list. I write three to five letters a week.

Student Showcase - Kara Wahlquist

Kara Wahlquist

School: Parker-Chase Preschool, Carrollton

Student: Kara Wahlquist

Teacher: Mrs. Adina Puryear

Grade: 18 Months

Subject: Remote Learning

Description: Kara working on Hand Eye Coordination using our home made sensory bottle.

Student Showcase - Vivaan Jha

Vivaan Jha

School: Oak Grove Academy

Student: Vivaan Jha

Teacher: Ms. Linda Sauzier

Grade: 1st

Subject: Writing

Description: It’s book cover , title and wrote about himself

Student Showcase - Yuvv Syam

Yuvv Syam

School: Montessori Academy of Cincinnati

Student: Yuvv Syam

Teacher: Andi Sferra

Age: 3

Subject: Science

Description: For the Love of science experiments – Stay Curious All!

Student Showcase - Arjan Bagga

Arjan Bagga

School: Montessori at Vickery

Student: Arjan Bagga

Teacher: Mrs. Hughes

Grade: 2nd

Subject: Art

Description: I have made pencil sketches. I was very inspired by a pencil sketch of my Aunt and tried doing something similar. I enjoyed doing pencil sketches so much now that i have started doing imaginary sketches also now. My first sketch here shows a beach side view since i love beaches and im missing going to the beach this summer beacause of Coronavirus. Also, i love Ninjas, so my second sketch is of a Ninja.