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What Makes Us Special

Our Developmental Programs are available to all employees:

Culture Club

The Culture Club empowers our staff to become leaders at their schools by making improvements in their work environment and recognizing the efforts of their amazing team members.

Rising Star

Our Rising Star Recognition program allows us to continuously celebrate and praise team members who embody our core values. Team members can be recognized by parents, school leaders and coworkers for their exceptional performance and accomplishments.

Scholarship Program

Our Scholarship Program gives our employees the opportunity to continue to grow and develop within their educational career. From college courses to conferences and trainings, our scholarship program financially supports and contributes to career advancement opportunities.

Endeavor Health

Endeavor Health is targeted at establishing a work environment that promotes a healthy lifestyle and quality of life. Employees are able to participate in fun challenges, attend educational workshops, and obtain ongoing wellness resources.

Academic Committee

Endeavor’s Academic Committee is comprised of teacher representatives from each of our network schools who engage in projects related to best practices, such as increasing outdoor learning and developing a teacher reflection tool to support the pedagogical growth of our educators.